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The Story Behind Girl Torque


In the summer of 2021, trucker Karen Sutherland gathered a group of inspiring women she met during her years in the haulage industry to challenge stereotypes about females in the field. They formed a messenger group, chose charities to support, and created a calendar featuring photos of themselves at work. Karen distributed the first 1000 copies across the country, and online sales were managed by two members. The initiative gained momentum, leading to the sale of another 1000 calendars. By January, they raised an impressive £25,500 for six charities.


Encouraged by this success, the group established Girl Torques as a business with the goal of normalising and promoting hardworking women in the transport industry while continuing to support charitable causes. They began creating the 2023 calendar and entered into a partnership with Volvo. Girl Torque raised an impressive £40,000, enabling them to present four £10,000 cheques to their supported charities: Mind Mental Health, Maggies Cancer Support, The Dogs Trust, and The Alzheimer’s Society.


Girl Torques saw exponential growth in both their calendar sales and their impact on charitable causes with over £65,000 raised in just two years. As their influence grew, so did their commitment to fostering a supportive community for women pursuing careers in transportation. Through their dedication to normalising and promoting women’s roles in the industry, Girl Torques became a beacon of empowerment and change, inspiring countless others to defy stereotypes and pursue their passions fearlessly. The anticipation is high for what 2024 might bring for the organisation.